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Andrew M. Smith Esq

Does Fault matter in a Florida divorce?

Many couples going through divorce find solace in playing the blame game—“I am getting a divorce because my spouse did this, that, and the other!” But just how far can that get you? In Florida, it probably won’t get you that far, and placing blame on your spouse, who is a party to your divorce

Andrew M. Smith Esq

Equitable Distribution – What Are My Martial Assets?

If you are getting divorced in the state of Florida, the courts follow a rigid guideline in the equitable distribution of all marital property. What does that really mean? Simply put, all assets and liabilities determined to be “marital,” or shared between both husband and wife while married, are assessed and then distributed evenly to

Andrew M. Smith Esq

Alimony Payment Alternatives

Alimony is paid from one spouse (ex-spouse) to the other in cases of divorce or legal separation. For one spouse to receive marital support payments there must be a court order and the payments must be for support purposes, not part of a property agreement or another type of settlement agreement. Generally, alimony payments are

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